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  • Family Friendly


Quick Details

Adult Cruise Ages 13 and Older
Child Cruise Ages 4 to 12
Infant Ages 2 and Younger

Enjoy a Beautiful Sarasota Sunset Over the Gulf of Mexico

  • Small marine restroom available on board
  • Join us as we cruise through Sarasota bay listening to music on the way out to Big Pass to watch a spectacular Sarasota Sunset.
  • We might see some of our resident dolphins and manatees through the trip (there are no guarantees when it comes to the marine mammals, they are wild).
    There is no better way to enjoy a sunset than on a boat in Sarasota Bay.
  • It can get chilly after the sun goes down so make sure to bring a light jacket, and don’t forget your camera
  • Please feel free to bring snacks and beverages on board (small coolers only).
  • Cold water, beverages and snacks available for purchase.
  • This trip is suitable for all ages.
  • We must meet a minimum passenger count to cruise. Reservations are highly recommended. We take reservations for regularly scheduled cruises no more than 2 weeks in advance.
    All scheduled cruises are subject to change.
  • Check in is 30 minutes prior to departure.